About us

The River Thame Conservation Trust is a grassroots charity formed in 2012 by a group of passionate individuals concerned about the seemingly declining state of the River Thame.

From their growing concern, they began to put in place the foundations of the Trust that we know today, a local charity organisation working to restore the River Thame catchment, including its tributaries and surrounding landscape. The Trust operates at a catchment scale which spans both Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

RTCT has built on the motivation that galvanised those first volunteers to become a registered charity.

We have a team of paid staff supported by a strong group of local trustees and an ever-growing band of active and engaged local people who volunteer on a range of tasks across the catchment.

Our Mission

We aim to work with local people in rural and urban parts of our catchment – volunteers, farmers and landowners – to improve biodiversity of the River Thame and its surrounding freshwaters and to improve public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the river catchment and its wildlife.

A river catchment with healthy fresh waters and wildlife, valued and enjoyed by local people, resilient for the future.

How are we going to achieve this?

We Investigate

We utilise a diverse range of approaches to gain deeper insights into the river and its surrounding catchment area. We actively collaborate with research institutions, professionals, and government agencies to foster the exchange of insights and expand our collective understanding.Our comprehensive grasp of the Thame catchment, bolstered by existing datasets and continuous monitoring efforts, offers an excellent foundation for further research and exploration.

We Restore

Our commitment lies in making concrete improvements to the environment within the river catchment, with a strong emphasis on enhancing river health and freshwater habitats. Our comprehensive restoration initiatives encompass river restoration, wetland creation, biodiversity enhancement, habitat improvement, and the implementation of effective fish passage solutions.

We Advocate

Through dedicated efforts, we promote sustainable river management practices, environmental preservation, and the enhancement of freshwater ecosystems. Our advocacy centers on the pursuit of effective policies aimed at reducing pollution, preserving freshwater habitats, and fostering the overall well-being of the natural environment. As active members of the UK-wide Rivers Trust movement, we extend our engagement beyond local concerns, actively addressing nationwide issues affecting our rivers.

We Collaborate

We foster close collaboration with our extensive network of landowners, community leaders, and dedicated volunteers, offering guidance and support for the adoption of practices that promote river and wildlife conservation. Additionally, we assume a pivotal role in facilitating productive collaborations among diverse partners and funding sources, effectively transforming our vision into tangible on-site achievements.

Always looking at the bigger picture

We believe wholeheartedly in a Catchment Based Approach to maintain and improve not just the Thame but all freshwaters within its catchment; including streams, ditches and ponds.

RTCT co-hosts the Thame Catchment Partnership with our partner, Freshwater Habitats Trust.
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RTCT is a member of the Upper and Bedford Ouse Catchment Partnership.
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We are a member of the Rivers Trust movement which is a national movement to protect rivers across the UK and share best practice.
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