Riverfly Monitoring

The Angler's Riverfly Monitoring Initiative (ARMI) is a citizen science program in the United Kingdom that involves anglers and other volunteers in monitoring the health of freshwater rivers and streams.

The primary objective of the Angler's Riverfly Monitoring Initiative is to provide early warning signs of pollution and other environmental changes that may affect the aquatic ecosystem. Volunteers are trained to identify and record the presence and abundance of certain aquatic invertebrates, known as riverflies, which are excellent indicators of water quality and river health.

The River Thame Riverfly Hub

Since 2015, we have trained 56volunteers to become certified Riverfly monitors. Certified monitors have registered22monitoring sites across the catchment and submitted over 300records to our ARMI hub.

The monitoring process involves regular sampling and observation of riverflies at registered sites along rivers and streams.

Volunteers collect data on the presence, abundance, and diversity of riverflies, and this information is then shared with the Riverfly Partnership. The data collected by ARMI volunteers contribute to a larger dataset that helps assess the overall health of freshwater ecosystems across the country.

The initiative not only helps to monitor the health of rivers but allows enthusiasts to gain a deeper understanding of river ecosystems and the pressures acting upon them.

The skills and knowledge gained by participants also enables them to engage more effectively in environmental conservation and advocacy.

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