Rivers Week is a weeklong series of community-run events culminating on World Rivers Day (25th September) to create awareness and inspire action for the rivers and streams in the Thame catchment.

Community groups in the catchment are encouraged to get creative and organise an event in their local area to celebrate rivers. Through this annual event, we strive to cultivate a sense of community and collective responsibility for our rivers.

Want to get involved?
You and your local community group can help connect others to rivers by hosting a Rivers Week event. Some ideas for events you could host include a nature walk, art exhibition, wildlife identification workshop, Bioblitz, litter pick, or photo contest. Contact our team at enquiries@riverthame.org to discuss your ideas!

Thame Catchment Partnership Water Conference

As our headline event of the week, we host an annual Water Conference with the aim of bringing together stakeholders, professionals, volunteers, and enthusiasts who are dedicated to working for a river catchment with healthy waters and wildlife.

The conference fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing by bringing together a diverse range of people with various backgrounds and expertise.

By connecting individuals who are actively involved in river conservation, restoration, research, policy-making, and advocacy, we facilitate networking opportunities and forge partnerships that can have a lasting positive impact on our freshwater ecosystems.

Additionally, the conference serves as an educational forum that enables participants to broaden their understanding of the challenges facing our rivers and explore sustainable solutions. By working together, we can make a significant difference in the health and vitality of our rivers, ensuring they remain cherished and appreciated for generations to come.

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